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Department of Taxation and Finance

STAR exemption amounts for school year 2019–2020: New York City

The Enhanced or Basic STAR exemption is the amount that your assessment will be reduced prior to the levy of school taxes. For example, if you own and live in a house that has an enhanced STAR exemption and that is assessed at $150,000 and the enhanced STAR exemption for your municipality is $50,000, the school taxes on your property would be paid on a taxable assessment of $100,000 ($150,000 - $50,000).

 New York City
Municipality/school district Class code Enhanced exemption Basic exemption Date certified
New York City School 1 $3,210 $1,400 02/21/2019
New York City School 2 $5,330 $2,330 02/21/2019
New York City School 4 $6,390 $2,790 02/21/2019

The attached exemptions were determined using the latest data available. As more current data becomes available these exemptions are subject to change.

If, in the future, a revised exemption is determined that differs by five percent or more than the exemption indicated, a new exemption will be recertified to that municipality.

Any recertification will occur before the last date allowed by law for the levy of school taxes.