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STAR - Income Verification Program

ORPTS Registration Procedures for Secure Access to STAR Income Verification Application

In order to access the STAR-Income Verification application you must have an ORPTS user code and password for the Assessment Community's secure website. If you already have a user code and password for either the Parcel and Sale Inventory Data or the Real Property Transfer Data you need not re-apply. Your current user code and password is satisfactory.

If you have not previously done so, you must obtain a user code and password to access this area of our website. Assessors may request a password for their jurisdiction on their own behalf. For the STAR Income Verification program RPTS Directors* must have the assessor of the municipality sign to allow access to their municipality. If an assessor wishes to grant access to the County Director for their municipality, include his or her name in either of the additional Name and Position lines beneath the assessor's name. The assessor must sign forms for municipal and/or county staff granting access to municipal records. If multiple municipalities are involved, please list the SWIS codes in the shaded box provided on the form.

A Secured Access for Assessment Community Request Form (RP-5100) is attached along with instructions. Forms can also be obtained on our website ( or by contacting the ORPTS Solution Center at (518) 591-5233.

This form must be completed, signed and returned to the ORPTS Solution Center, and the Assessor or Director will subsequently be notified via regular mail. If you are an Assessor or County Director, we will mail your user code/password within 10 business days.

Note: Minimum Browser Requirements for Assessment Community Access to STAR application: It is highly recommended that users upgrade to newer browsers for proper access to the Assessment Community website. It is advisable to obtain the most current version of your preferred browser, available free from Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari .

The user will be required to change their password periodically.

* or equivalent appointee

Updated: January 25, 2012