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Department of Taxation and Finance

2018 STAR Credit Implementation Guide for Local Governments and School Districts

The STAR credit program provides eligible property owners with a tax credit to help pay their property taxes. New homeowners register with the Department of Taxation and Finance to receive a STAR credit check rather than apply to local assessors for the STAR property tax exemption.

Local assessors, county real property tax (RPT) directors, school tax bill processors, school district officials, and the Tax Department are all committed to ensuring eligible homeowners receive timely and accurate credit checks.

This guide provides these participants with instructions, an overview of the process, action timelines, and contact information. Instructions are included for:

Assessors and county RPT directors

School tax bill processors

School district officials

It’s critical that we receive files timely to avoid delays in issuing the checks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help if you have any questions, or if you’re having difficulties meeting the requirements. Working together, we can achieve our common goal of timely and accurate STAR credit checks for the homeowners in your communities.