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Other income tax debit card information

Closing out your debit card account

Most ATMs dispense money in the form of $20 bills. If the balance on your card falls below that amount, you won't be able to use an ATM to get the last few dollars off your card.
You can close out your account by: 

  • determining the balance and using the card to make a purchase in that amount, or
  • using the card to partially pay for a transaction, and using another means to pay the balance, or
  • making a final withdrawal from a bank (a fee may apply).

Lost or stolen cards
If your card is lost or stolen, contact Bank of America at 1 (888) 373-2881 to get a replacement card.

If the post office is unable to deliver your debit card, it will be returned to Bank of America, who will notify us. If you've moved and never received your tax refund debit card, contact the Tax Department and we'll have the bank send you a new card (without a fee).

Expiration dates

  • Unactivated cards
    You have one year from the time the card is issued to activate it. If you don't activate your card within one year, the bank will close the account.  Prior to closing the account, the bank will mail a letter advising you to activate the card, and how to obtain a replacement card.
  • Activated cards
    Once the card is activated, you have 18 months to spend or withdraw the balance.
    • If after 18 months there's a balance of $20 or more on your card, the bank will send you a new card. For balances less than $20, you must call the bank to request a new card.
    • Once you've activated your card:
      -  You don't have to maintain a minimum balance.
      -  You don't have to use the card periodically in order for it to remain active.
      -  There are no fees for not using the card.
Updated: May 29, 2012