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Income tax refund debit cards

About NY tincome tax refund debit cards
Video : About income tax refund debit cards

How debit cards work

You can now choose to receive your income tax refund on a debit card. Debit cards:

  • Provide a secure, convenient, and cost effective way for you to
    manage your money.
  • Allow you to avoid check cashing fees.
  • In most instances, there's no charge for using the card to make cash withdrawals or purchases. See the fee schedule.

Once the Tax Department has processed your return, you'll be issued a debit card in the amount of your refund.  

If you and your spouse filed a joint return, each of you will receive separate debit cards in a single envelope.  Each card provides access to the entire amount of the refund.

Using the debit card

Other debit card information

Updated: August 28, 2013