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Department of Taxation and Finance

Updates to your tax professional account

The Tax Department recently sent an email to notify you of upcoming changes to your Tax Professional Online Services account (see alert, above, for outage schedule).

Don’t worry, most standard features will remain the same and you’ll have additional access to help you assist your clients.

 What’s staying the same

  • You will use your existing tax professional account to perform online services for your clients.
  • You will have access to your existing individual and business clients.
  • You will not have to add back clients.
  • Your username and password will not change.  
  • You and anyone you have authorized will still have access to login and perform services for clients. 

What’s coming

 With your client’s completed and signed E-ZRep Form TR-2000, Tax Information Access and Transaction Authorization, on file, you will be able to:

  • view and print most Tax Department notices your client receives;  
  • add them to your account as a client—even  if they have not yet filed a business tax return—as long as they have registered with the Tax Department (for example, by requesting a Certificate of Authority, or registering as an employer); and
  • use the PIN that your client recently received by mail from the Tax Department to add the taxpayer as a client on your Tax Professional account; when you use your client's PIN, you won't need to provide tax information from a previously filed return.

What you need to do

If you need to file and pay taxes for your firm or company using our online services, you will need to open a separate Business Online Services account.  To open a business account successfully:

  1. Review the Online Services – Business account creation checklist.
  2. Select a username and password to use with this account.
    (Remember, you don’t need to change your username and password for your Tax Professional account; you are opening a new separate account for your own business online needs and choosing a username and password for that new account.)