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Department of Taxation and Finance

Telephone number information—individuals

Individuals & Fiduciaries

  • Personal Income Tax Refund status  518-457-5149
    Check the status of your New York State personal income tax refund. Also see Check your refund status online.  
  • Personal Income Tax Information Center  518-457-5181
    Get help with forms, filing, payments and other questions; request wage and tax statements for prior years for New York State (W-2 forms are only available from the Internal Revenue Service). For personal income tax information, see Individuals
  • Property Tax Freeze Credit  518-453-8146
    Get information about the property tax freeze program and its eligibility requirements. Also see Property tax freeze credit.  
  • Family Tax Relief Credit  518-485-1057
    Get information about the family tax relief credit and its eligibility requirements. Also see Family tax relief credit
  • 1099 G  518-457-5181
    Obtain the amount of last year's New York State personal income tax overpayment. We no longer mail Form 1099-G, Statement for Recipients of State Income Tax Refunds. See 1099-G Information.
  • Disagree with a personal income tax bill or adjusted refund  (Bill:  518-485-9791) (Refund:  518-485-6549)
    You can call us or see Dispute a bill or adjusted refund. You may also “Respond to Department Notice” using your Online Services account. 
  • Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax  518-485-2392
    Find out about filing and paying this tax. Also see Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax. 
  • Partnership, limited liability company, and limited liability partnership filing fee  518-457-5181
    Get information about filing annual information returns and paying the annual filing fee.  Also see Partnerships


  • Child Support Enforcement  518-485-6820
    Update your information, get information about your case and respond to enforcement actions, such as a warrant, levy or seizure.  If you have questions about a support order, contact the New York State Child Support Customer Service.  
  • Civil Enforcement Division  518-457-5434
    Update your information, pay a bill or arrange payments. Get information or respond to a bill or enforcement actions, such as a warrant or levy. Also see Pay a bill. You can respond online to bills and many notices using your Online Services account.  
  • Taxpayer Rights Advocate 518-530-4357
    Get help from an independent organization within the department if you have tried all other reasonable avenues to reach a remedy, or when the tax problem causes undue economic harm. Also see Office of Taxpayer Rights Advocate
  • Employment verification  518-457-2900 
    Verify employment of Department of Taxation and Finance employees.  
  • Estate Tax  518-457-5387
    Learn about estate tax laws, requirements, forms and filing. Also see Estate Tax
  • Forms Ordering  518-457-5431
    Order forms by telephone or see Forms and instructions.  
  • Internal Affairs  518-451-1566
    Report allegations of misconduct by Department employees. 
  • Mortgage Recording Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax Information Center  518-457-8637
    Get help with forms, filing and payments. Also see Mortgage recording tax and Real estate transfer tax.   
  • Press Office  518-457-7377
    For reporters, news producers, those writing for news publication and broadcasts, and other people working on news programs or stories. Also see Press and Submit a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request.  
  • Property tax and assessment information 518-591-5232
    For more information see Property Taxes and Assessments
  • Report tax evasion and fraud  518-457-0578
    Report an individual or company you suspect is not complying with the tax law. Also see Report tax evasion and fraud
  • Interpretation services 518-453-8137
    Get free assistance over the phone in your language. For important documents translated in the top six languages, see our Language page.