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Department of Taxation and Finance

Telephone number information—businesses


  • Beverage Container Deposit Initiators  518-485-2889
    Get help registering as a Beverage Container Deposit Initiator or with filing and paying. Also see Beverage container deposits
  • Corporate Dissolution Unit  518-485-2639
    Get information about dissolving, merging or changing a business. See Close or end a business and Form TR-125, Instructions for voluntary dissolution of a New York Corporation.
  • Corporation Tax Information Center  518-485-6027
    Get help with forms, filings and payments. Also see Corporation tax.
  • Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax  518-485-2392
    Find out about filing and paying this tax. Also see Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax.
  • Miscellaneous Business Tax Information Center  518-457-5735
    Get information about: Highway Use Tax, IFTA, or OSCAR, Diesel Motor Fuel and Petroleum Business Tax, Cigarette, Tobacco and Alcohol Taxes, Waste Tire Management Fee, Hazardous Waste tax, New York City taxicab tax. Also see Miscellaneous taxes and reporting requirements.
  • PrompTax Customer Service Center  518-457-2332
    Get help with forms, filing and payments and mandatory and voluntary participation in PrompTax. Also see PrompTax Program.
  • Sales Tax Information Center  518-485-2889
    Find out about registering as a sales tax vendor, filing and paying. Also see Sales and Use Tax
  • Disagree with a business tax bill  518-485-0384
    To disagree with your bill for sales, corporation, withholding, or Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax. Also see Dispute a bill or adjusted refund. You may also use "Respond to department Notice" from your Online Services account. 
  • Withholding Tax Information Center  518-485-6654
    Get information about filing, payments and wage withholding. See Withholding Tax.
  • Motor vehicle insurers, franchisors, and alcoholic beverage wholesalers 518-485-2889
    Get information about filing annual information returns for motor vehicle insurers, franchisors, and alcoholic beverage wholesalers.  Also see Annual reporting requirement.
  • Reporting payments on Form 1099-K  518-485-2889
    Get help with reporting payments to merchants as reimbursement for credit and debit card transactions (1099-K).  Also see Reporting requirements.


  • Child Support Enforcement  518-485-6820
    Update your information, get information about your case and respond to enforcement actions, such as a warrant, levy or seizure. If you have questions about a support order, contact the New York State Child Support Customer Service
  • Civil Enforcement Division  518-457-5434
    Get information or respond to a bill or enforcement actions, such as a warrant or levy. Also, see Pay a bill. You can respond online to bills and many notices using your Online Services account.
  • Taxpayer Rights Advocate 518-530-4357
    Get help from an independent organization within the department if you have tried all other reasonable avenues to reach a remedy, or when the tax problem causes undue economic harm. Also see Office of Taxpayer Rights Advocate.
  • Estate Tax  518-457-5387
    Learn about estate tax laws, requirements, forms and filing. Also see Estate Tax.
  • Forms Ordering  518-457-5431
    Order forms by telephone or see Forms and instructions
  • Internal Affairs  518-485-8698
    Report allegations of misconduct by Department employees.
  • Mortgage Recording Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax Information Center  518-457-8637
    Get help with forms, filing and payments. Also see Mortgage recording tax and Real estate transfer tax
  • Press Office  518-457-7377
    For reporters, news producers, those writing for news publication and broadcasts, and other people working on news programs or stories. Also see Press and Submit a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request
  • Report tax evasion and fraud  518-457-0578
    Report an individual or company you suspect is not complying with the tax law. Also see Report tax evasion and fraud.