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Identity theft affecting your tax records

NYS Identity theft

Video: NYS Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when someone obtains your personal or financial information, such as a social security number or credit card number, and fraudulently uses it without your permission.

Signs that your tax records were affected by identity theft

Taxpayers may be a victim of identity theft that affects their tax records or have experienced an event involving personal information that may affect their tax records in the future.

Many taxpayers learn that their identity has been stolen only after they file a tax return. An identity thief will most commonly use a taxpayer's identity to file a forged tax return to get a fraudulent refund.

You may be a victim of identity theft if you receive an unexpected notice from our department or the IRS about your tax account. 

What to do next

1.  If you received an unexpected notice from us or experienced an event that may affect your tax records in the future, you should send the following information to the address listed below:

  • A photocopy of a government issued ID, such as a driver's license, US passport, US military ID card, or other valid IDs issued by state or federal agencies.
  • Form DTF-275, Identity Theft Declaration.  Please remember to include a statement explaining why you believe you're a victim of identity theft.
  • Address verification for the tax year in question such as a utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement.
  • A copy of the notice you received from our department (if you received one).

2. Fax items to: (518) 435-2990 (Attn: Identity Theft)


Mail items to:   
           NYS Assessment Receivables
           Attn: Identity Theft
           PO Box 4128
           Binghamton NY 13902-4128

You may also call us at (518) 457-5181. 

Steps we will take to protect you

After you contact us, we can correct your account by removing any fraudulent returns from your record and cancelling any bills issued related to the fraud. We will also allow refunds or overpayments due to you.

We'll put an identity theft indicator on your account for three years. During that period, we'll manually review any returns filed under your ID number for validity.

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Updated: June 15, 2015