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Online Services - Business account creation checklist

You don't need the following information if you're creating an account using the five-digit PIN you received in a letter from us.

We recommend that you choose the “Gain access to all available services” option. To complete the account creation process, you must be an owner or officer of the business, or an employee authorized by the owner or officer.

You will need to know the following information about your business to successfully create an Online Services account. We suggest that you print this checklist for your information.

Your business's taxpayer identification number (9-11 characters):_______________________
Which of the following tax types has your business filed NYS returns for in the past 12 months using the business’s taxpayer ID?

Checkbox   Corporation tax
Checkbox   Sales and use tax
Checkbox   Withholding tax


A copy of the return filed within the past 12 months for each tax type selected above. If you filed a return within the past three weeks it may not be on our records yet; try an older return. You must provide specific line information from your return(s).

Select the appropriate form(s) below to see the line information needed:

The following forms are listed in the drop down menus on the account creation pages but are not listed above: CT-3-A, CT-32, CT-32-A, CT-33, and CT-33-NL.


Your contact information (name, address, e-mail, and phone number)


Choose a username (8-60 alphanumeric characters): ­______________________

Be sure to save your username in a secure place. We cannot reset usernames.

Choose a password (8-20 characters): ______________________


  • are case sensitive
  • are between 8 and 20 characters long
  • include at least one number and three letters
  • may not use the same character more than two times in a row
  • may contain special characters


Updated: November 02, 2015