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Additional information concerning email alerts

 Individual Accounts

 Bills and Related Notices We will send you an email "alert" to guide you to view the following notices and/or bills on your online services account:

  • Notice and Demand Series
  • Notice of Additional Tax Due Series
  • Notice of Deficiency Series
  • Notice of Determination Series
  • Notice of Estimated Deficiency Series
  • Notice of Estimated Determination Series
  • Statement of Proposed Audit Change Series
  • Notice of Adjustment Series
  • Liability Cancellation Notice Series
  • Response to Taxpayer Inquiry
  • Audit Letters
  • Collections Notices
  • Notice of Disallowance

Other Notifications We will send you an email "alert" to guide you to view the following notices on your online services account:

  • Notice of Refund Issuance
  • 1099-INT, Statement of Interest Income
  • DTF-160, Account Adjustment Notice
  • DTF-161, Reply to Taxpayer Inquiry Regarding an Adjustment Notice
  • TR-136, Denial of Tax Refund  
  • TR-146, Notice of Returned Payment
  • TR-3000, Notice of Filing Status Change Denial
  • TR-3001, Denial of Claim for New York City School Tax Credit

Joint filer information

Joint filers will both receive electronic communication only if each person has an online services account, and is signed up for email.  You will no longer receive paper forms from us.  Note if only one of you signed up for email, the other will still receive paper mail.

 As additional notices become available the above list will be modified to reflect these additions.