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One Stop Credentialing And Registration - International Registration Plan

About the IRP Plan

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an optional program for licensing commercial vehicles traveling in two (2) or more IRP jurisdictions. With the exception of Alaska & Hawaii, all US states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan are all currently members of IRP.

All commercial vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs. (gross weight) or having three (3) or more axles regardless of weight are eligible to register.

Under IRP, an interstate carrier files an application with the jurisdiction in which he/she is based. The IRP agreement allows the base jurisdiction to collect the registration fees for the other IRP jurisdictions the carrier has requested on their application form. The base jurisdiction issues a set of plates and a cab card for each vehicle. The cab card lists all the jurisdictions and corresponding weights that the carrier has requested.

Requirements for IRP Registration in New York State

In addition to having an established place of business in New York State or a non-IRP jurisdiction, you must provide the following:

  1. A Schedule A&C (Form IRP-6), Schedule B (Form IRP-5) and (for new accounts only) IRP Mileage Audit Certification (Form IRP-15).
  2. A copy of the NY title or the receipt for a NY title (Form FS-6T), in the owner 's name.
  3. A copy of an out-of-state title in the owner's name with sales tax clearance from a NYS Motor Vehicles office (Form FS-6T). If the out-of-state title is held by a lien holder, you must provide a certified copy of the title and written authorization from the lien holder to register OR provide a current registration for the vehicle in the owner's name.
  4. If the registrant is different from the owner, you must provide registration authorization by having the owner complete either a MV-95 authorization card, or complete the "Registration Authorization" section on the IRP-6/IRP-6A.
  5. An original bar coded NYS Insurance Identification Card (FS-20, FS-21, FS-77) in the registrant's name. Photocopies or fax copies are acceptable only if they can be scanned OR a copy of a Federal ICC/MC or NYS DOT permit in the registrant's name.
  6. Proof of payment of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (IRS Form 2290) for vehicles registering at 55,000 lbs. or over.
  7. Proof of Highway Use Tax (HUT).
  8. Proof of identity for the registrant (and owner; if different from the registrant), or for the person signing with a power of attorney (individuals only).
  9. Photocopy of the registration receipt if the vehicle is currently registered in NYS.
  10. Proof of Incorporation - One of the following: a NY vehicle registration or title in the same corporate name, a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or a filing receipt issued by the NY Department of State.
  11. Proof of DBA - A copy of the DBA filing receipt issued by the county clerk.
  12. Payment in full. If you are mailing in application forms do not send payment with your application. You will be billed by the IRB. All payments must be by certified check, bank draft or money order. No uncertified funds or personal checks are accepted. If you are processing transactions via the internet on the OSCAR System, payment must be made by major credit card in order to complete the transaction.

International Registration Bureau Office Information

The International Registration Bureau's (IRB) office is located in Albany, NY. All transactions involving IRP registration must be processed in their office either by mail or in person or via the internet using OSCAR. 

Mailing Address

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
International Registration Bureau
PO Box 2850-ESP
Albany, NY 12220-0850

Business Address

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
International Registration Bureau
6 Empire State Plaza
Room 136
Albany NY 12228



Walk-in Hours

7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday

Applications received after 3:30 pm will require next day processing.


From NYS Thruway - Take Exit 23 and proceed on 787 north to Exit 4 (Downtown Albany). Follow signs for Route 20 west, up Madison Ave. Take a right on S. Swan St. DMV is the long, five-story building on your right.

From I-87 (Northway) - Take I-90 East to I-787 south. Take Exit 3B (Rt. 20 west - Madison Ave.). Follow signs for Route 20, up Madison Ave. Take a right on S. Swan St. DMV is the long, five-story building on your right.

Supporting Documentation Listing and Agencies

NYS HIGHWAY USE TAX (HUT) - See Publication 538

Proof of payment of HUT or TMT is required for a first time registration for all vehicles previously registered in NYS and all renewals. This tax is paid to the Department of Taxation & Finance. Acceptable proofs of payment are one of the following:

  • Original Certificate of Tax Clearance (Form MT-370.I)
  • Original Certificate of Tax Clearance (Form MT370.2) must be in the registrant's name.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) - See Publication 536

A fuel tax that must be paid to travel through jurisdictions. You will receive a set of stickers to place on your vehicle after payment of this tax. You do not need to provide proof of payment of this tax at registration time.

For further information about these taxes, please write or call:

NYS Department of Taxation & Finance
Highway Use Tax Registration
Bldg. 8, State Office Campus
Albany, NY 12227

HUT or IFTA 1-518-457-5342

Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

Any vehicle with a registered gross weight or combined gross weight of 55,000 lbs. or more is subject to this tax. HVUT is paid directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the tax period from July 1 - June 30 each year. You must show proof of payment of this tax for first time registrations (*not required on newly purchased vehicles registered within 60 days of the purchase date) and all renewal transactions. Acceptable proofs of this tax are one of the following:

  • A copy of the IRS Form 2290-Schedule I stamped "Paid" or "Received" by the IRS
  • A copy of the IRS Form 2290-EZ stamped "Paid" or "Received" by the IRS
  • An unreceipted copy of IRS Form 2290-Schedule I, along with a photocopy of both sides of the canceled check used to pay the tax

* Although you are not required to show proof of payment of this tax for vehicles being registered within 60 days of purchase, you must still file the 2290 for these vehicles and pay any required tax IMMEDIATELY to avoid possible penalty and interest for not filing.

For a copy of this form go to theIRS website.

For further information about this tax, please call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit them on the internet at

Operating Authority

Carriers transporting household goods, passengers and property for hire within New York State are required to obtain intrastate operating authority from the NYS Department of Transportation. Please refer to your IRP manual for further information on other states and provinces that require operating authority. You do not have to provide proof of operating authority at time of registration .

To request an application or for further information about NYS operating authority, please write or call:

NYS Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232


Overweight, Oversize & Special Hauling Permits

Overweight permits must be obtained from the appropriate regulatory agencies if you want to register at a weight higher than the allowable weight for a jurisdiction. Please refer to your IRP manual for further details. If you want to register a tractor in New York at a weight that exceeds 80,000 lbs., or a truck over the maximum weight allowed by the bridge formula, you must first obtain an overweight permit or a PERM 65. For permit forms go directly to

For further DOT information you may visit their website or you may write or call them at:

NYS Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232


Note: If you will be driving through the New York City area, you must obtain separate permits from NYC. Please call 718-935-6000 for further information.

IRP forms are currently available on our DMV Web Page.