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One Stop Credentialing And Registration - What is it?

The One Stop Credentialing and Registration (OSCAR) system provides motor carriers with a single website and point of contact for application of required New York State operating credentials over the internet. It streamlines a process that previously required a carrier to interact with as many as 4 different New York State agencies to obtain the operating credentials needed by an interstate carrier to be compliant with New York State requirements.

Interstate carriers in New York are able to obtain International Registration Plan (IRP)International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) - See Publication 536Highway Use Tax (HUT) - See Publication 538 and NYSDOT Special Hauling permits through the One Stop Credentialing Program. These credentials are administered by 3 state agencies - the Department of Motor Vehicles (IRP), the Department of Tax and Finance (IFTA and HUT) and the Department of Transportation (Special Hauling Permits).

The One Stop Credentialing and Registration website is a dynamic multi-agency system that has significantly changed the way motor carriers purchase and obtain the required operating credentials in New York State. Through the use of web-based technology, OSCAR provides the customer an opportunity to apply for credentials via a single data entry that eliminates the need for multiple forms, multiple visits to agencies and duplication of effort by establishing computer links with each agency's data base.

While motor carriers will continue to have the option to do business as they always have, it is hoped that OSCAR will be the system of choice for motor carriers operating in New York State. Because the goal of the One Stop Credentialing Program is to make the process of applying and obtaining operating credentials less time consuming, less costly and less bureaucratic, it is anticipated that OSCAR will be considered for expansion due to its many benefits to the motor carrier industry as well as to government.