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View the payment history for your business in Online Services

Your Business Online Services account provides a comprehensive overview of the corporation, sales, fuel, and withholding tax payments you've made to the Tax Department.

View a detailed payment history

To view your filing and payment information, select a tax type from your Account summary home page. Your payment history is organized by monthly, quarterly, or annual filing periods. The number of filing periods displayed varies by tax type, as follows:

  • corporation—ten most recent filing periods since 2008
  • sales—five most recent filing periods
  • fuel—five most recent filing periods
  • withholding—nine most recent filing periods

You can view payments made:

  • with returns
  • with extension forms
  • with estimated tax forms
  • as PrompTax payments
  • as credits carried forward
  • as mandatory first installment, first installment, and additional first installment payments
  • unassociated with a return or payment document

Note: Account summary will not show any payments you make on either an installment payment agreement (IPA) or a New York State-issued bill. See Request an installment payment agreement and Pay a bill or notice to learn more about these types of payments.

Payment details include the:

  • payment type,
  • transaction date,
  • confirmation number,
  • status (posted, scheduled, canceled, or dishonored), and
  • amount.

See Navigation tips—Businesses for more guidance about navigating your account.

Don't have an account yet? Get started.

Create an account, if you don't already have one, to view your business' payment history. See our videos and demos for assistance.