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Department of Taxation and Finance

Job incentives for businesses

job incentives

New York State makes growing your business easy and affordable with our employment-based tax incentives. Incentives are offered for nearly every type of industry, and your participation ensures that New Yorkers earn a steady income and become contributing taxpayers.

For a complete list of credits and their requirements, see General business corporation (Article 9-A) tax credits.

Hire a veteran credit

Looking to hire well-trained employees with real-world work experience? Think about hiring a veteran.

Employing qualified veterans full time in New York State for at least one year may entitle you to a tax credit. You can carry forward any unused amount of the credit for the following three years!

See Hire a veteran credit to learn about eligibility requirements.

up to
per veteran

Employment of persons with disabilities tax credit (also known as the Workers [with disabilities] employment tax credit or WETC)

Be a part of New York State's initiative to assist individuals with disabilities with securing employment, and save money while doing it! This tax credit is an incentive you can receive for hiring a worker who is certified as a person with a disability.

A credit of up to $2,100 per employee is available and you can carry forward the unused amount of the credit for an unlimited number of years.

To learn more, visit the Department of Labor at Workers (with disabilities) employment tax credit, or see Employment of persons with disabilities.

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per hire

Workers with disabilities tax credit

If you employed individuals with developmental disabilities in New York State for at least six months after January 1, 2015, you could receive a tax credit.

The maximum allowable credit is $5,000 for individuals employed full time, and $2,500 for individuals employed part-time. Any unused amount of the credit may be carried forward for the following three years.

See Workers with disabilities tax credit or visit the Department of Labor at Workers with disabilities tax credit program for more information.

up to
$2,500 for part-time employees
$5,000 for full-time employees

New York Youth Jobs Program tax credit

Give disadvantaged youths the opportunity to gain transferable professional skills and become a part of your workforce, without breaking the bank.

You may be eligible for the New York Youth Jobs Program when you hire at-risk youths, ages 16 to 24 years, living in specific target areas of New York State. The Department of Labor must certify you to participate in the program.

See New York Youth Jobs Program tax credit or visit the Department of Labor at New York Youth Jobs Program to learn more.

up to
$2,500 for part-time hires
$5,000 for full-time hires