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Week of 9/8/2014 through 9/12/2014
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Whether initiation fees, annual dues and general assessments billed to club members are subject to sales and use tax if Petitioner amends its by-laws to remove its exclusivity of membership clause.

Whether a certificate of authority is required to run the Petitioner's coin-operated game room.

Whether the sale of test cards used in the diagnosis of eye disease is subject to sales and use tax when the cards are sold in New York State.

Whether charges by a subsidiary of Petitioner for certain food preparation services provided by "worksite employees" to a third party are subject to the sales and use tax when the employees providing such services are employed by both the subsidiary and the third party and whether Petitioner may use a resale certificate when it purchases certain food, and food related items, that will be subject to tax when sold to a client.

Up-to-date Forms Information

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Updated: September 15, 2014