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The tax due date, for the July 22, 2014 period end date, is Friday July 25, 2014.

 For added convenience, ACH debit filers can use our ACH Debit web filing service, which provides the ability to schedule your transaction.

Advisory Opinions/Miscellaneous Tax:TSB-A-14(1)R.

Whether the recording of the Petitioners' purchase money mortgage securing more than $500,000 of principal debt for the purchase of three separate but adjacent condominium units will be subject to the mortgage recording tax residential rate or the higher commercial rate.

 Advisory Opinions/Sales Tax:TSB-A-14(10)S.

Petitioner asks whether it is engaged in farming, and whether its purchases and uses of machinery, equipment, and other property qualify for exemption from State and local sales and compensating use taxes.

Up-to-date Forms Information

Visit our Income Tax and Corporation Tax Up-to-Date Information page for tax law changes or corrections that occurred after the forms and instructions were printed and which may affect your 2013 tax return.


Updated: July 21, 2014