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Pay by credit card

The Tax Department no longer supports credit card payments through Link2Gov.

Please use one of the service providers below to make a payment.*

You may use a credit card to:

  • pay a bill (for any tax year)
  • pay current year income tax
  • pay estimated income tax

You can't use a credit card to make income tax payments for:

  • fiduciary tax
  • prior year income tax returns (unless you have received a bill for that tax year)

Your payment will be effective on the date you charge it. Please keep a copy of your confirmation number as proof of payment.

Convenience fee

The credit card service providers listed below will charge you a convenience fee to cover their cost of providing this service.

To learn more, see Service provider convenience fees.

Visit a Web site below to make a payment

Read the credit card disclaimer before making a payment.

Value Payment Systems

Pay by phone:

Customer service

Credit, debit, and prepaid cards:

Visa cardMastercardDiscover card

Official Payments Corporation

Customer service

Debit cards:

Visa cardMastercard

Credit and prepaid cards:

Visa cardMastercardDiscover cardAmerican Express card

Updated: November 07, 2014