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Online Services
Online Services - Introduction and overview

Income tax
New York State Fights Refund Fraud and Identity Theft
E-file - A Remedy for Paper
E-file - Fast, Easy, and Free
Child and Dependent Care Credit (en Español)
Earned Income Credit (en Español)
New York State Tax Credits for Working Families (en Español)
NYS Identity Theft
Common Income Tax Filing Errors (en Español)
New York State Refund Debit Card
Required Training for New York State Tax Preparers

Business taxes
NYS Sales Tax Starting a Business
Metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax
One Stop Credentialing and Registration (OSCAR) for motor carriers    
Sales Tax Record Keeping Requirements
Sales Tax Exempt Organizations
Sales Tax Exemption Certificates
Sales Tax Rates and Jurisdictions
Taxable Goods and Services
Withholding Tax Requirements for New York State Employers

Property taxes
STAR Registration Program
About Property Taxes and Assessments
Contesting Your Property Assessment
Is Your Property Assessment Fair?
Property Tax Exemptions

NYS Your Rights as a Taxpayer
New York State's Voluntary Disclosure Program
NYS Identity Theft
About New York State Tax Audits 
Challenging a Tax Department action
Undergoing a NYS Audit

Online Services account creation for
Individual taxpayers
Business taxpayers
Tax professionals

Sales Tax Web File
Sales Tax Web File (for filers with one schedule)
Sales Tax Web File (for filers with no tax due)
Sales Tax Web File (for filers with single or multiple jurisdictions)
Sales Tax Web File (prepaid sales tax on motor fuel and diesel motor fuel)

Personal Income Tax Web File
File your personal income tax return (IT-201)
Claim your real property tax credit (IT-214)
Claim your New York City school tax credit (NYC-210)

View your Account Summary
Billing and filing - Individual
Manage my account - Individual
Billing and filing - Business
Managing account messages - Business
Setting account preferences - Business 
STAR Registration
Highway Use Tax Web File       
NYS-45 Web File  
Respond to Department Notice 
Tax preparer registration
Tax professional account summary
Tax preparer education New Posting


Note: The demos and videos describe current processes and procedures, but the data presented on the screens may not be current. Refer to the appropriate sections of our Web site for current tax rates, due dates, etc.


Updated: March 09, 2015